Kumano Nachi, with plenty of nature’s blessings

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Seafood befitting the Nanki area, surrounded by bountiful seas. Cuisines feature fresh and natural ingredients, brought to their full potential.
Cuisines are prepared to please both the palate and the eye.

Carefully selected ingredients

Enjoy our uncompromising hospitality together with top quality cuisine prepared with the best of the region and the season.

Kumano beef cuisine

Kumano beef cuisine

Raised in the natural environment of Kumano, this beef is descended from Tajima beef.
At our facility, we use genuine certified Kumano beef.

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Tuna cuisine

Tuna cuisine

We use fresh tuna from Katsuura Port, the largest tuna unloading port in Japan. Enjoy the sweet, tender-textured fresh wild tuna.

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Grouper cuisine

Grouper cuisine

The grouper grows up to 1 m in length, and has a wide mouth with fat lips. The exquisite white flesh plumps up when cooked and fills your mouth with a rich flavor.
In season: October to March

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Local ingredients

Local ingredients

Blessings from the land, raised carefully in the nature of Kumano.
We use the best local produce as much as possible, creating cuisines that enhance the natural flavors.


Chef’s five mottos

  • 1. Have gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy nature blessed seasonal foods.
  • 2. Select the ingredients carefully to produce the best possible food.
  • 3. Use local, seasonal ingredients as much as possible.
  • 4. Create cuisine that pleases all five senses of the guests.
  • 5. Cook with sincerity.

a la carte menu

  • Seared Kumano beef chuck sushi (5 pcs)

    Seared Kumano beef chuck sushi (5 pcs)

    2600 yen

  • Kumano beef(100g)

    Kumano beef (100g)

    3500 yen

  • abalone sashimi

    Abalone sashimi

    5000 yen~6000 yen

  • sashimi boat

    Sashimi boat

    10000 yen

  • red tuna (7 pcs)

    Red tuna (7 pcs)

    2000 yen

  • children’s lunch (example)

    children’s lunch (example)

    3000 yen

※Prices do not include tax ※2 A la carte menu items are not included in the half-price package

locally-produced sake

We have many local beverages available including "Kumano Kodo Beer" with the citrus fruity aroma and wheat malt sweetness, pure rice sake "Nachi no Taki" made of the holy water of the Nachi no Taki Waterfall and Wakayama brewer's rice, and full-bodied plum liquor "Binchotan no Shirabe" made with plums of Kishu-Kumano mountain matured together with binchotan oak charcoal.

Our recommended local sake

pure rice sake

pure rice sake
Kumano Nachi no Taki

300ml/1000 yen

plum liquor

plum liquor
Binchotan no Shirabe

120ml/1000 yen

Kumano Kodo

Kumano Kodo

330ml/650 yen

Breakfast information


Freshly steamed rice made in individually-portioned rice pots.

Breakfast features many Kumano ingredients including dried saury seasoned with mirin (sweet sake) that diners grill themselves at the table.

Rich and refined Kumano beef

This fine-grained and delicately-marbled tender beef has a delicious aroma when grilled.

  • 1.Kumano beef
  • 2.Kumano beef
  • 3.Kumano beef
  • 4.Kumano beef

Our Kumano beef is supplied by a longstanding Katsuura butcher “Takikawa”. *Comes with a certificate (Kumano beef certified and individual identification number)


Fresh tuna from the largest fresh tuna unloading port in Japan

Enjoy the sweet, tender-textured fresh wild tuna.

  • 1.Katsuura Port is the number one fishing port
  • 2.tuna
  • 3. tuna

Katsuura Port is the number one fishing port in Japan for fresh tuna caught on longlines.

Longline fishing means the tuna are caught one at a time on fishing lines and brought on the ship alive where they are quickly drained of their blood to preserve freshness.

Nakasada Shoten

We acquire our fresh tuna from “Nakasada Shoten”, a cognoscenti brokerage at Katsuura Port.

Grouper from Kishu, a rare and prized fish

The grouper grows up to 1 m in length. It is in season from autumn to winter, and is considered a delicacy eaten raw as sashimi or in hotpot dishes. The exquisite white flesh plumps up when cooked and fills your mouth with a rich flavor. In season: October to March

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Grouper cuisine

We get grouper in season

In order for our guests to experience the good taste of real grouper, we prepare it for customers on the same day it enters our kitchens.
We also serve it in thin slices of sashimi in our own style.


Grouper cuisine

Ponzu sauce made with our secret recipe

Hotpot is the best way to enjoy grouper.
Our ponzu sauce helps to bring out the best in the fish. Our ponzu recipe includes the rare citrus grown in Kumano, the “sanzu”, which is one reason why it is so popular.

Information about dining

For overnight guests
Foods are served in the restaurant.
Dinner is served in the guest rooms, and breakfast is provided in the restaurant.